This is a video recording targeted at SMEs in the Real Estate, financial, insurance, and video production industries. We produce videos in an unreal engine platform at a very friendly price for 1 presenter per session. Users can use our standard ready-made virtual set or choose to purchase another set from our extensive library. Suitable for training courses, product launches, speech presentations, and advisory video. Live streaming is also available.

This is a live event production using Unreal Engine 3D virtual studio set. The target for corporate clients running a virtual event but prefer a TV grade production quality. The client can choose from our wide range of virtual sets library. The studio is equipped with up to 6 cameras, teleprompters, AI noise cancellations audio system, and confidence monitors to ensure a smooth and high-level experience for both audience and presenters. We can stream to international and China-based audiences seamlessly. Internet redundancy is provided in the studio so there is no single point of failure. This is the ultimate experience for international audiences.

Planning a high visibility physical event and you need to connect remote speakers as well as stream to international audiences? We provide multi-cam live streaming production with redundant internet access with no single point of failure. We provide audiovisuals, fold-back floor TV for presenters’ convenience, and live feed projection with seamless switching between slides, videos, and remote speakers. We can set up in a hotel venue, conference halls, or simply at your office if you have the space.